James Franklin

My Boat

I’m never satisfied with a blog post because I feel like I never answer the question. I always talk about the whys and the hows but never dive so deep to reach the anchor, pull it up and let the boat free. The strangest thing that I’ve come to realise was that the boat was always free, the boat was merely curious and that curiosity did not stop the boat from moving, it simply steered it towards a bigger wave and potentially a bigger battle. In fact, my boat never even had an anchor, my boat was forever destined to glide freely through the waters and whilst that may force me to tackle obstacles far too big or more often than not, miss an opportunity to slow down and savour the moment, my boat was not built like that. In my ocean, there is nowhere to stop, but with that there is nowhere to get lost, because the only place I need to be is right where I am now. 


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