James Franklin


New Orleans, Louisiana. 01:33am 09/05/2017

I sit now in a hotel in the French Quarter in New Orleans and although the music from the street does not reach my window, I can feel it....

Visiting New Orleans has not only re-fuelled my creative juices and got me tingling in places I didn't know could tingle but It reminded me of the FACT that music is still alive and well. It reminded me that people still seek and pay for real, pure, honest music. It reminded me that I have a place in the world. It reminded me, that I have a chance to change the world. 

At an early age, music became more than just a hobby for me. It became something that gracefully painted the walls of my minds with beautiful images that danced from my first breath in the morning all the way through my dreams long into the night. It became the blood in my heart, the bounce in my step and the bright in my eyes. It became my identity. 

The goal, for me, has also been to do to others with music, what music has done for me. My heroes took me from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs with the simple act of making noise and that is because music transcends it's definition, it is more than just the notes in a school book or the act of singing in tune or playing the correct notes. It is a talent and a gift that cannot be taught, it cannot be transcribed or described, it is the feeling of the unknown as it is the unknown that is the greatest place of all.

Whatever you love, whatever is you, whatever defines you, let it be known that you do not have to search for the answer to your questions, you just have to search for more questions to ask.



You've painted a vivid image with your gorgeous words x
Great stuff James, very insightful!

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