James Franklin

The Laundry Room Mixtape

by James Franklin

Released 2015
Released 2015
James' debut EP is here to Soul and Folk your brains out! If you love artists from Stevie Wonder to Damien Rice, then you will love this EP.
After many years of writing and performing, James Franklin finally felt like he was ready to introduce himself to the world. "The Laundry Room Mixtape" is an in-depth view into the music of James Franklin and what is to come in the future. Growing up, Franklin was inspired by artists from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye to Alison Krauss and James Taylor and whilst all these inspirations are evident on this EP, Franklin is able to mix and fold genres together to cook up his own style. Co-produced by Australian music legends Steve Wade and Doug Brady, Franklin was able to work with musicians of all ages on each track to create an EP that can attract listeners from all generations. "The Laundry Room Mixtape" is the perfect mix of clean and dirty...

Musicians who contributed to this album - Steve Wade, Doug Brady, Mark Amato, Tony Tosti, Adrian Scott, Geoff Wells, Angus Burchall, Craig Newman and Chris Farace.